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  • GTT SAVED Posted on 19 March 2013

    Martin Gough was driving not far from Oulton Park when he dicided to have a look to see if there were any houses for sale at an estate near where he had lived as a child. Driving round a housing estate he saw on the driveway of one house were a few cars that had stood for many years. One car was under a tarpaulin and it was very low, but Martin recognised the shape as a Piper. He knocked on the door and asked about the car and was told that it was her husbands car and that a scrap man was due to collect it later that week. Martin phoned Andy, the secretary of the Piper club and arranged to have a good look at the car. 

    The next day they arrived and lifted the covers this is what they found !!!!!!!.


    The car was a one owner car bought new from the factory with a special child seat in the back, but the club had lost contact with the owner. This has since been confirmed by Bill Atkinson the owner of Piper Cars. 

    After a good look around the car Martin decided to buy the car as he was looking for a project. A deal was done with the owner. So how to get it out and moving after being sat in the same spot for 30 plus years. Suprise!! the tyres were inflated and stayed inflated, success. Car will not move so remove the front callipers release the rear brakes and hey presto the car moves, BUT the steering is soild and will not move. Bushes in the steering column are sized therefore lots of WD40 and loosen the blolts on the bushes we now have steering. Just after we loaded the car on Martin's trailor, the scrap man came to take the cars away and were not happy as they though they would make a lot of money from the Piper, They were doing the owner a favour by taking it away for nothing as they would have to get specialists in to dispose of the fibreglass body?????

    Martin now plans to make the GTT into race cars for the HSCC Road Sports Championship, but make sure he can still use it on the road.

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